Is RPGTOOLBOX ready for v7r3?

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Is RPGTOOLBOX ready for v7r3?

Postby Support_Rick » 11/12/14 03:43:28 PM

Is RPGTOOLBOX ready for V7R3?


For RPGTOOLBOX to work with V6R1, V7R1, V7R2 or V7R3, you must be running Version 4.01, or higher.

YOU WILL NEED NEW LICENSE KEYS if you are on version 3.5.1 or lower.

If you want to see your current installed version, run the command:


If you find objects such as RPGTB00001, RPGTB00002 and RPGTB00003. The Text is "RPG Toolbox - Saved Files as of" and then gives a date for each one. These are created as a backup in case there was a problem with the upgrade. Once you are sure that everything is working after the upgrade, you can delete these libraries.

One customer had some objects that did not pass the STROBJCVN *CHECK process such as BXCP004. The user objects that are not converted with this command are automatically converted when they are first specified for use.

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