Web Update fails

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Web Update fails

Postby Support » 04/01/16 12:17:07 PM

This post is intended for Users who are unable to update Surveyor/400 using the 'Web Update' Updates' option.
If The error log says 'Access denied' see this topic Web Update Access denied

Ideally, a Surveyor/400 Administrator obtains Surveyor/400 updates via the 'Web Update' option located on the Help menu. Subsequently, Surveyor/400 Users within the company use the 'Update Server' (right-click the IBM i icon) option to update from their IBM i. Alternately, a preference can be set to 'Check for Updates' (Check for updates on the IFS).

Note: If you have version 3 and would like to upgrade to version 4, you must download the installer from the Customer Portal

4.0 Upgrade
This update will upgrade version 4.0.x to 4.3.x.

Read the installation instructions carefully (they are not included in the download).


  1. Downalod the surveyor4_2_x_update.zip file from the Customer Portal
  2. Close the Surveyor/400 application
  3. Extract the files to the \Surveyor\lib folder. In Windows, the default directory is: C:\Program Files\Linoma Software\Surveyor\lib or C:\Program Files\HelpSystems\Surveyor\lib
  4. Start the Surveyor/400 application.
From the Help menu, click About. The version number should read 4.3.x. The 'x' matching the version downloaded.

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