How do I transfer members from one system to another?

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How do I transfer members from one system to another?

Postby Support » 02/18/10 05:29:19 PM

Either drill down to the file using the Surveyor/400 Tree on the left side of the main Surveyor/400 screen then right click on file and select FTP. Or if you know the file name and library just use the FAST Path option and select the FTP option.

When transferring many new members it is better to use the Save file option because you get the member description and type.

If you just want to transfer a couple of members and the target members already exist it's probably better to use the non-save file option. The member description and type are unchanged when doing this.

When using the Save file option to restore multi-member files the 'Database member option' is very important.

The 'Database member option' is the same as the MBROPT parameter on the RSTOBJ command. Here is the help text for that:
Data base member option (MBROPT)
Specifies, for database files that exist on the system, which members are restored. If *MATCH is used, the member list in the saved file must match, member for member, the current version on the system. All members are restored for files that do not exist, if the file is restored.
The saved members are restored if the lists of the members where they exist match, member for member, the lists of the current system version. MBROPT(*MATCH) is not valid when *ALL is specified for the Allow object differences (ALWOBJDIF) parameter.
All members in the saved file are restored.
Only new members (members not known to the system) are restored.
Only members already known to the system are restored.

When transferring multi-member source files:
Target file does not exist and MBROPT - *MATCH
All members and data restored.

Target file does exist and MBROPT - *MATCH
The names of the members in both source and target must match. If you have additional members in either file it will not restore.
If member list matches - all data in all members of the target file will be replaced.

Target file does exist and MBROPT - *NEW
Only Members that are in the source file and not in the target are restored.

Target file does exist and MBROPT - *OLD
Only Members that match the target and source are restored. Any members in the target that are not in the source are left alone. And members in the source but not in the target are not restored.

Another option is to use your own save file.
If you use your own save file, just put the name and library. The save file will be created for you. You will have to restore it yourself and still deal with RSTOBJ MBROPT - parameter.

Another option is Not to use a save file.
If you don't use a save file with a multi-member file you should select the members to be transferred. Type the name in Fast Path - Press Properties - Select the Member tab.

Select the members

You can specify target members in step 2

Data in the target members will be overwritten. If the target member does not exist it will be created, but the member type and description will be blank.

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