Web Update or Check for Updates fail, Access denied

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Web Update or Check for Updates fail, Access denied

Postby Support » 02/11/10 03:47:07 PM

<B>Question:</B> Doing a 'Web Update' or 'Check for Updates' I get the error, Update Failed. Unable to Update Surveyor/400 at this time. See Error Log for Details. (Access denied.) Click OK then while still in the same Surveyor/400 session Click on Help and the Error Log. If the log list an error ?java.io.FileNotFoundException:c:\Program Files\Linoma Software\Surveyor\updates\surveor.new (Access is denied) or serverchanges.txt(Access is denied).

<B>Answer:</B> The problem is caused because the user does not have authority to update the installation folder. This most commonly happens in Windows 7 when UACis turned on. Even when logged on as Administrator.

<B>Choose one of these three possible Solutions:</B>
  • Close Surveyor/400. Then right click on your Surveyor/400 icon and select Run as Administrator. You should then be able to upgrade Surveyor/400. Granting this effects only your Surveyor/400 client on your PC.
  • Turn off UAC
  • Download and install version 3.7.7 or higher which gives the user permission to folders required for updates.

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