Version 5.16 (12/31/2015)

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Version 5.16 (12/31/2015)

Postby Support » 12/31/15 02:21:38 PM

If you already have the RPG Toolbox installed on your IBM i (iSeries) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:



| Please read the RPG Toolbox Manual for complete |
| details on any of the enhancements listed below. |


Version 5.16 (12/31/2015)

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a version +
+ that is older than 5.00. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

** NOTE: To support the totally free form in V7R1, you will need IBM PTF
SI51094. For SQLRPGLE member types, you will also need IBM DB2
group PTF SF99701 level 26.

FIX: Fixed an issue with H spec Copyright line that spans multiple

FIX: The CLNRPG (Clean RPG) command:
> Fix issue where /copy was being removed.
> Fix issue where Data Structures were removed when they
should not be.

FIX: Fixed a program issue where converting the case of a value was
causing the program to end abnormally.

FIX: Fixed an issue where source code contained a constant in the
DIM keyword instead of a number was causing the program to end

FIX: Fixed an issue where an ending single quote was not added when
needed for a keyword

FIX: Fixed an issue with procedure interfaces where dcl-parm was
being used for the procedure name. Changed to only use for sub
fields when the name is the same as an opcode.

FIX: Fixed an issue when converting math functions with spaces
between the opcode and extensions like (h).

FIX: Fixed an issue with indenting when encountering existing free
form code.

FIX: Fixed an issue where the export keyword was only returning part
of the keyword.

FIX: Fixed an issue where PI spec lines were dropping keywords that
followed on another line.

FIX: Fixed an issue where source program utilizes the H indent('|')
line. The compile listing places key fields in different

FIX: Fixed an issue where fixed form code exists after existing
free form code was not being properly converted to free form.

FIX: Fixed an issue where extended fixed form code was being split
into two statements and the second statement was not being

FIX: Fixed an issue where constant lines or eval lines are
extended. Free form comments are not allowed in the line.

FIX: Fixed an issue where H, D and P specs were not being
converted if free form code already existed before the spec.

FIX: Corrected an issue where right had comments with only
1 character was not being converted to free form comments.

FIX: Corrected when a stand alone field with a long name was
being applied to the prototype that followed. Also fixed
an issue where the ellipsis ... was being removed from a
long field name that spanned multiple lines.

FIX: Corrected to not convert table data to free form code in
certain situations.

FIX: Corrected to not convert compiler line directives in certain

ENHANCE: Added code to use different variable names when converting
nested DOs to FOR loops (for example DO_X, DO_X2)

Version 5.15 (8/6/2015)

ENHANCE: From the RDi editor, added the ability to work with source
members that exist in IASP libraries and an auxiliary storage
pool group was set in the connection.

FIX: Convert MOVE operations that move a 1 byte character of ''''.

FIX: Support the conversion of subroutine names to procedures when
the subroutine name is larger than 14 characters.

FIX: Fixed an issue when the PLIST used for the ENTRY parameters was
also used for other call operations.

FIX: Properly check the base install version from RDi.

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