Version 5.10 (4/29/2014)

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Version 5.10 (4/29/2014)

Postby Support » 05/20/14 01:26:59 PM

FIX: When converting a Data Structure field to free form, some keywords
are ignored when an external data structure definition does not
have the EXTNAME keyword and is followed by a comment.

FIX: Preserve comments in positions 76 to 80 on certain C spec
operations (such as EXSR) when converting to free form.

FIX: When converting a data structure that has a field with a LikeDS
keyword on a different line, make sure to correctly specify
the field lengths, field names and end-ds for the data structure

FIX: When converting an F Spec and there is an 'A' in the record address
column and a key length, specify them as parameters on the 'KEYED'
keyword. For example, KEYED(*char:4)

FIX: When determining work fields to place in the D specs, ignore any
SORTA operations.

FIX: Improved logic for wrapping H specs. Previously was only looking
for an ') to end a keyword. Now if the ending ') is not found,
then break the line on spaces too.

FIX: Fix an issue when indenting a long in-line comment that extends
beyond column 80.

FIX: When converting D specs to free form, support field names up to
63 bytes in length (was 50).

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