Version 5.09 (4/7/2014)

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Version 5.09 (4/7/2014)

Postby Support » 04/07/14 03:19:10 PM

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a version +
+ that is older than 5.00. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

** NOTE: To support the totally free form in V7R1, you will need IBM PTF
SI51094. For SQLRPGLE member types, you will also need IBM DB2
group PTF SF99701 level 26.

FIX: When converting GOTO operations within subroutines, correctly
find the following ENDSR opcodes when in free form.

FIX: When highlight comments within a data structure, key list or
plist, and if converting to free form, then do not put the
highlight hex value in column 6 of the free form comment.

FIX: When converting Data Structure field from/to positions into
their actual lengths with the *FREE option specified, then do
not convert data structures that contain blank field names.

FIX: When converting a Data Structure field that is spread over
multiple lines and is followed by a comment, then correctly
place the semicolon at the end of the last continuation line
for the field.

FIX: When converting a Data Structure field with an initialization
value that spans multiple lines using the - continuation
character, then do not indent the continuation lines so
no extra spaces are placed in the initialization value.

FIX: Properly convert Stand alone fields which have no keywords on
the definition line, but on subsequent lines.

FIX: When converting external data structures with no fields to
free form: If comment lines are at the end of the data structure,
then do not put the comments in the keyword section of the
definition for the data structure.

FIX: When converting an external data Structure with multiple keywords,
then make sure to have enough space for the extra keywords
when converting to free form.

FIX: When converting source within the RDi editor using the *LEAVE
option for source dates, then do not truncate the leading zeros
on the date for the year 2000.

FIX: From within RDi, fix an issue with a warning message appearing in
the startup log about IStartup class needing to be implemented.

FIX: When a prototype name containing an ellipsis is preceeded by a
stand alone field, part of the prototype name may inadvertently
appear to be a keyword of the preceeding stand alone field.

FIX: When converting a Data Structure field that contains a VARYING
and an INZ keyword, the VARYING keyword is now removed.

FIX: When converting to totally free form, correctly identify existing
free form that is not contained within /FREE and /END-FREE

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