Version 5.08 (3/14/2014)

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Version 5.08 (3/14/2014)

Postby Support » 03/14/14 03:15:32 PM

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a version +
+ that is older than 5.00. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

** NOTE: To support the totally free form in V7R1, you will need IBM PTF
SI51094. For SQLRPGLE member types, you will also need IBM DB2
group PTF SF99701 level 26.

FIX: When converting MOVE operations in which the result field is a
date type and factor 2 is 8 digits in length: if factor 1 does
not contain a date format, then use the date format (datfmt)
value that may be specified in one of the following places:
- The H specifications (either embedded or in a /COPY book)
- The CTL-OPT free form lines (either embedded or in a /COPY book)
- A data area named RPGLEHSPEC in *LIBL
- A data area named DFTLEHSPEC in QRPGLE

Example before:
H DatFmt(*EUR)
C MOVE aDate8 datefield

Example after:
ctl-opt DatFmt(*EUR);
datefield = %DATE(aDate8:*EUR);

FIX: Convert a MOVE operation properly that contains an indicator value
in the result field and also a right hand indicator in the EQ
column. For instance:

MOVE *OFF *IN91 90

Incorrectly was converted to:
*IN91 = *OFF;
*IN90 = (*IN91 = );

Fixed to convert it properly to:
*IN91 = *OFF;
*IN90 = (*IN91 = *BLANKS);

FIX: If the developer wishes to convert subroutines to subprocedures
with CVTSUBR(*YES) specified, then make sure to convert free form
BEGSR and ENDSR operations to subprocedures. Before the fix, only
fixed format BEGSR and ENDSR operations were recognized.

FIX: When determining if work fields are already defined in the D
specifications, do not consider those field names that are
specified in prototypes. Therefore if a work field definition is
found in the C specifications, a stand-alone work field will be
placed in the D specifications if not already defined as a
stand-alone or data structure field.

FIX: When converting a significant number of RPG source members at
a time, the work file BXP020 was reaching its record limit.
Changed BXP020 to reuse deleted records with REUSEDLT(*YES).

FIX: When indenting nested logic that contains right hand // comments,
do not allow any logic to be moved past column 80.

FIX: When converting a MOVE operation that has *YMD in factor 1 and if
the result field is 8 digits, then convert to using *ISO as the
date format in the %DATE built-in-function.

*ymd MOVE orderdate aDate8

aDate8 = %DATE(orderdate:*ISO);

FIX: From within the RDi editor, increase the speed when converting a
large block of selected source code lines to free form.

FIX: From within the RDi editor, use the date option that is specified
on the "Source date on converted lines" when converting a block
of source code lines to free form.

FIX: When converting prototypes to free form, properly convert long
field names that are followed by a ... and are continued onto the
next line.

D o_NameWochentag...
D 32 varying options(*nopass)

varchar(32) options(*Nopass);

FIX: Support the conversion of field names and constant names that
exceed 38 characters in order to retain any field lengths, types
and keywords.

FIX: When converting prototype fields to free form, if the length is
specified with the len() keyword, then use the data type keyword
with the length specified.

D pos8to80 A len(9)

pos8to80 char(9)

FIX: When converting data structures to free form: If comment lines are
at the end of the data structure and if it is followed by a prototype
with no fields, then put the end-ds properly after the last field
in the data structure.

FIX: When cleaning up unused elements with the CLNRPG (Clean RPG) command,
also remove unused free form DCL-S and DCL-PR lines too.

FIX: When converting H, F, D and P specifications to free form, retain the
left comments in positions 1 to 5.

conversion, then don't add the dcl- notation for blank lines that have
specification types in position 6.

FIX: Properly convert data structures that have comment lines which end
with continuation characters of - or +

FIX: When converting source dates to today's date in a job that has
been alive for more than one day, then use the proper current date
for the source lines converted.

ENHANCE: When converting data structures to free form, use the POS keyword
for fields that have from/to positions. Convert the from/to
positions to the actual field lengths.

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