Version 5.06 (1/28/2014)

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Version 5.06 (1/28/2014)

Postby Support » 01/28/14 08:59:18 AM

Version 5.06 (1/28/2014)

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a version +
+ that is older than 5.00. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

** NOTE: To support the totally free form in V7R1, you will need IBM PTF
SI51094. For SQLRPGLE member types, you will also need IBM DB2
group PTF SF99701 level 26.

FIX: Fixed the error of "Length or start position is out of range for
the string operation." in BXRM029 when converting to free form

FIX: When converting data structures to the free form DCL-DS, fixed
the following problems:

> If specified, the Extname should always be the first keyword.

> Do not truncate the rightmost characters in the keywords area
when adding single quotes in the Extname.

> Add the PSDS keyword for program-status data structures.

FIX: When converting prototypes and procedure interfaces to free form
DCL-PR and DCL-PI statements, any numeric fields with a blank
internal type should be defined as packed instead of zoned.

FIX: When the last field in a structure is continued in multiple lines,
the semicolon was removed from the PR/PI/DS name instead of
being removed from field that is continued.

FIX: When indenting source, properly indent continuation lines for
IF, DOW, DOU, WHEN, ELSEIF and FOR statements.

FIX: Remove quote from the completion message description in message
id CVT0047 so an error is not generated when using the SEUPLUS
line commands of Z or ZZ when converting source.

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