Version 5.05 (1/22/2014)

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Version 5.05 (1/22/2014)

Postby Support » 01/23/14 08:56:20 AM

Version 5.05 (1/22/2014)

+ A new product license key is required when upgrading from a version +
+ that is older than 5.00. Please contact Linoma Software at +
+ to request a new product license key. +

** NOTE: To support the totally free form in V7R1, you will need IBM PTF
SI51094. For SQLRPGLE member types, you will also need IBM DB2
group PTF SF99701 level 26.

ENHANCE: Convert MOVE and MOVEL operations that contain a hex constant
in factor 2 to either EVALs or free-form. For instance:

Before: MOVE x'20' HexValue
After: EVAL HexValue = x'20'

FIX: The following fixes were made in the RDi plugin:

> Handle the null pointer exception when working offline.

> Use the current RDi library list when performing the conversion.

> When converting starting at the top source line, do not insert
an extra blank line.

> When converting a selected block of source lines within the
editor which contains a DO loop, properly convert the END
statement to an ENDFOR.

FIX: When converting declarations to free form, properly detect
when in the beginning of the free form calculations when
the /FREE tag is absent.

FIX: When converting H specs to CTL-OPT, then retain any continuation
characters of + or - when all the lines are at the maximum length.

FIX: When converting data structures to DCL-DS, fixed the problems of:

> Support the data area DTAARA keyword

> Use the DCL-SUBF keyword if a data structure field matches
a keyword name.

> Use upper case for the file or field name within the quotes for
the EXTNAME or EXTFLD keyword.

> Use the POS keyword for any fields that overlay the data
structure name.

> Use the EXT keyword for external data structures that do
not have the EXTNAME specified.

> Properly end the data structure with a END-DS if any of the
fields have the LIKEDS keyword specified.

> Use *N if the field name is blank.

> If the data structure does not have any fields, end the data
structure with the semicolon in the proper place.

> Allow converting data structures that contain up to 300 lines.

> If the data type is blank for a numeric field within a DS, then
the type will be defaulted to "zoned" (not "packed) during the

FIX: When converting procedure interfaces and prototypes to DCL-PI
and DCL-PR statements, do not include any constants within the
structure that are immediately following.

FIX: Fixed the CLNRPG (Clean RPG) command to properly identify
unused key lists if it contains free-form declarations.

FIX: Allow compressing expressions within procedures that are
declared within a DCL-PROC subprocedure.

FIX: When indenting nested logic from RDi or the INDNST command, also
indent logic under BEGSR statements.

FIX: When converting a prototype to a DCL-PR, then do not specify *N for
additional lines of options for a field.

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