Version 4.06 (12/28/2012)

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Version 4.06 (12/28/2012)

Postby Support » 12/28/12 04:08:22 PM

If you already have the RPG Toolbox installed on your IBM i (iSeries) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:




Version 4.06 (3/13/2012)

FIX: When determining field types and lengths within a procedure; if
the field is not locally defined within the procedure, then
retrieve its definition from the global level.

Version 4.05 (12/06/2011)

FIX: Improved the CLNRPG (Clean RPG Source) command to also remove any
keywords on additional lines for unused stand-alone work fields.

Version 4.04 (10/19/2010)

FIX: When converting MOVE/MOVEL and arithmetic operations in a
subprocedure, make sure to use the field types/lengths from the
subprocedure's D specs first, and then secondly from the global D
specs. This was an issue if the same field name was defined with
a different length or type at the subprocedure level versus the
global level.

FIX: When converting a group of left-hand indicators, preserve the first
set of indicators if there is a comment found in the middle
of the group. This issue only occurred when groups of left hand
indicators were not seperated by comments or other operations.

FIX: When determining the nesting level of control logic in free form,
do not consider an apostrophe (') as the start of a constant if
that apostrophe is in the right hand comments. This corrects
behavior in the INDNST, DOCNST, DSPIND commands, as well as the
SEU Plus commands of IN*, DN, DI and LI.

Version 4.03 (11/17/2009)

FIX: RPGWIZ: Do not generate an error in program BXRS015 if the
field has a name that is exactly 17 long with a DIM statement.

Version 4.02 (5/30/2008)

FIX: RPGWIZ: Do not convert a MOVE into an EVAL if the result field
is a date data type and the length of factor2 is not long enough
for the date format specified in factor 1. For instance, do not
convert a MOVE if the date format is *ISO and the length of
factor2 is less than 8.

FIX: RPGWIZ: Do not convert a MOVE into an EVAL with a %timestamp if
factor2 is a Time (T) data type and the result field is a
Timestamp (Z) data type.

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