Version 3.32 (8/26/2014)

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Version 3.32 (8/26/2014)

Postby Support » 08/26/14 12:02:22 PM

+ New product license key(s) are required when upgrading to version 3.x +
+ from a prior version of Crypto Complete. Please contact Linoma Software +
+ at to request new product license key(s). +
+ Failure to do so will cause the product to stop functioning. +

Version 3.32 (8/26/2014)

ENHANCE: Improved the performance of DB2 Field Procedure programs when
automatically decrypting numeric fields.

ENHANCE: On the DECRSTLIB (Decrypt Restore Library) command, added the
ability to position to a sequence number on the tape when
restoring multiple libraries or when specifying a wildcard or *ALL.

ENHANCE: On the DECRSTLIB command, ignore non-encrypted sequence numbers
when restoring multiple libraries or when specifying a wildcard
or *ALL.

ENHANCE: When sending out Security alerts via email, added the IBM i System
Name to the beginning of the email subject.

FIX: If the STRIFSENCJ command is submitted to batch, then that command
will submit the Auto IFS encryption server batch job.

FIX: When a user is attempting to decrypt an IFS file that has not been
encrypted yet, and if the user is not authorized to the encryption
keystore, then do not attempt to lock or encrypt the file.

FIX: After encrypting an IFS file, do not clear the original file if
there is still a lock on it.

FIX: Change the Print Audit Log Report to work with journal date formats
of *DMY, *DMY0, *EUR and *EUR0.

FIX: When adding a field to the registry that is numeric and if using
a field procedure, then do not generate an error message if the
field only has right-most decimal positions.

FIX: Fixed the decryption DecAdv3 and DecAdv4 APIs to use the correct
length when decrypting Hex or Base64 input formats so the
output plaintext and length are returned with the proper values.

FIX: Fixed the encryption EncAdv3 and EncAdv4 APIs to correctly return
the output cipher length when the output format is Hex or Base64.

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