Version 3.30 (8/22/2013)

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Version 3.30 (8/22/2013)

Postby Support » 09/03/13 08:19:39 AM

If you already have CRYPTO COMPLETE installed on your IBM i (iSeries) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:


+ New product license key(s) are required when upgrading to version 3.x +
+ from a prior version of Crypto Complete. Please contact Linoma Software +
+ at to request new product license key(s). +
+ Failure to do so will cause the product to stop functioning. +

Version 3.30 (8/22/2013)

ENHANCE: Created a new Auto IFS encryption and decryption feature, which
will automatically encrypt files in a specified directory and
optionally all its subdirectories. The process will automatically
decrypt the IFS files for those users which are authorized. Please
note that a license for the Auto IFS encryption feature is
required from Linoma Software.

The new IFS encryption commands are called:

- WRKIFSENC (Work with IFS Encryption)
- ADDIFSENC (Add IFS Encryption Entry)
- CHGIFSENC (Change IFS Encryption Entry)
- DSPIFSENC (Display IFS Encryption Entry)
- RMVIFSENC (Remove IFS Encryption Entry)
- ACTIFSENC (Activate IFS Encryption)
- DCTIFSENC (Deactivate IFS Encryption)
- WRKIFSKEY (Work with IFS Encryption Keys)
- CHGIFSKEY (Change IFS Encryption Key)
- STRIFSENCJ (Start IFS Server Job)
- ENDIFSENCJ (End IFS Server Job)
- ADDIFSEXTP (Add IFS Exit Point Programs)
- RMVIFSEXTP (Remove IFS Exit Point Programs)
- DSPIFSDBG (Display IFS Debug Mode)
- CHGIFSDBG (Change IFS Debug Mode)
- CLRIFSLOG (Clear IFS Debug Log)

These commands are available under the following new menus:

- IFS Encryption Menu (GO CRYPTO12)
- IFS Keys Menu (GO CRYPTO13)
- IFS Utility Menu (GO CRYPTO14)

ENHANCE: Added new audit types for journal entries that will be created in
the CRJN001 journal for the auto-IFS encryption feature:

- 60 Add IFS Encryption Entry(ADDIFSENC)
- 61 Change IFS Encryption Key(CHGIFSKEY)
- 62 Remove IFS Encryption Entry(RMVFLDENC)
- 63 Activate IFS Encryption(ACTFLDENC)
- 64 Change IFS Encryption Entry(CHGIFSENC)
- 65 Deactivate IFS Encryption(DCTFLDENC)
- 66 Unable to Activate
- 67 Unable to Deactivate
- 68 IFS Automatic Encryption Failed
- 69 IFS Automatic Decryption Failed
- 70 General Failure in Automatic IFS Encryption
- 71 Add Exit Point Program
- 72 Remove Exit Point Program
- 73 IFS Server Program Started
- 74 IFS Server Program Stopped
- 75 Debug Mode was changed
- 76 Debug File was cleared

ENHANCE: Improved the performance of the DB2 Field Procedure programs
when multiple fields are encrypted by caching information about
each field into the job's memory.

ENHANCE: When generating log records for Field Procedure encrypt and
decrypt operations, additionally log the field's File and Library
name in the log record.

ENHANCE: Added support for BLOB and CLOB data types when encrypting with
DB2 Field Procedures.

ENHANCE: Changed the Field Procedure programs to add the CRYPTO library
to the bottom of the library list the first time called in
the job.

ENHANCE: Added functionality to find the index for an unencrypted value
when storing the encrypted values in an external file.
Use one of the following programs:

- Service program named CRSP513 with the procedure GetFldIdx
- Program CRRP642 using a traditional CALL statement
- SQL stored procedure p_GetFldIdx

ENHANCE: Added new parameters to the CPYFLDENC (Copy Field Encryption
Registry) command to allow redirecting the key store and file
libraries to something other than the target field registry

FIX: Fixed an issue with the HTTP_GetConnection procedure to work with
the IBM HTTP Server in V6R1 and V7R1.

FIX: Fixed an issue with the WRKDFLDENC (Work with Field Encryption)
command to allow a user to work with over 999 entries in the
field registry.

FIX: Fixed an issue with VarGraphic fields when using Field Procedures,
to use the field's CCSID when generating the masked or
non-authorized value on a decrypt operation.

FIX: If 'Limit all-object authority' is specified at the key policy
level, if the user belongs to supplemental groups, then make sure
to look at all 15 supplemental group profiles (used to be 5) to
determine if the user has *ALLOBJ authority and, if so, determine
if those supplemental groups have specific authority to the key
stores or authorization lists needed to decrypt the field value.

FIX: Fixed an issue with VarGraphic fields (when encrypting using Field
Procedures) to determine the correct length for the field data.

FIX: Fixed the DB2 Field Procedure program that is used for encrypting
numeric fields to be Thread Safe.

FIX: When sending an email alert, add single quotes around the email
address to support dashes and other special characters.

FIX: Fixed the CHGFLDMASK (Change Field Mask) command to not verify
certain field attributes (e.g. file name, field length, etc.) when
DBFLD is specified as *REMOTE.

FIX: Fixed the HTTP_GetEncFld procedure to not verify the field
type when the Field is *REMOTE.

FIX: Fixed DB2 Field Procedures to properly trim any trailing spaces
in variable length fields when encoding the data.

FIX: Fixed ENCSAVLIB (Encrypt Save Library) command to use the proper
backup labels when multiple libraries are entered on the command.

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