Version 3.10 (7/24/2012)

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Version 3.10 (7/24/2012)

Postby Support » 07/24/12 02:10:16 PM

+ New product license key(s) are required when upgrading to version 3.x
+ from a prior version of Crypto Complete. Please contact Linoma Software
+ at to request new product license key(s).
+ Failure to do so will cause the product to stop functioning.

ENHANCE: When adding a new field to the Field Encryption Registry, provided
a new masking *OPTION2 that allows you to specify how many
characters or digits to show on the left and right sides of the
field value. You can then specify the masking character or number
to use for the portion of the value to hide from the user.

Note: When determining which characters to show, the leading and
trailing blanks are ignored for alpha fields, as well as the
leading zeros will be ignored for numeric fields.

ENHANCE: When using DB2 Field Procedures for auto-decryption, allow a
numeric field to return a masked value if the user is only
authorized to the masked value. Valid masking digits are 0 to 9.

ENHANCE: Added support to DB2 Field Procedures for the latest IBM masking

ENHANCE: Enhanced the WRKFLDENC (Work with Field Encryption Registry)
command to allow up to 9999 entries. The maximum previously
was 999 entries.

ENHANCE: Allow masking for numeric fields that have decimal positions, in
which case the mask will be applied to only the whole number (on
the left side of the decimal point).

ENHANCE: When determining user authority to a decrypted field value in a
DB2 Field Proc, always get the latest current user for the job.
This will allow the customer to change the current user as
needed, in which case Crypto Complete will recognize the
current user when determining what their authority is
to the field value.

to not attempt to decrypt a field value of blanks. This will
simplify SQL Select statements by not having to condition on
blank values.

ENHANCE: When determining a list of libraries in the ENCSAVLIB and
DECRSTLIB commands, allow a user with *SAVSYS special authority
to backup or restore libraries which they may not have authority
to. This can be accomplished by changing the program CRRP056
to adopt authority from the program owner, in which case the
program owner would need at least *USE authority to the libraries
which need to be backed up or restored.

ENHANCE: Allow omitting libraries and objects on the ENCSAVLIB and
DECRSTLIB commands.

ENHANCE: Allow omitting objects on the ENCSAVOBJ and DECRSTOBJ commands.


ENCSTMF commands. This new parameter can help minimize the amount
of tape utilized, but may extend the time of the backup.

ENHANCE: Enhanced the ENCSAVLIB command to return the escape message
CRE0712 when not all Libaries are saved.

ENHANCE: Enhanced the ENCSAVOBJ command to return the escape message
CRE0713 when not all Objects are saved.

ENHANCE: Enhanced the DECRSTLIB command to return the escape message
CRE0714 when not all Libaries are restored.

ENHANCE: Enhanced the DECRSTOBJ command to return the escape message
CRE0715 when not all Objects are restored.

ENHANCE: Added a new Key Officer setting to indicate if the user can
maintain the IFS encryption registry, as well as control other
settings for automatic IFS encryption. This feature is reserved
for a future use.

ENHANCE: Added new audit codes from 60-70 for generating journal entries
for the new upcoming automatic IFS encryption feature.

ENHANCE: Added new Alert Audit Category of *IFSREG to monitor for events
related to automatic IFS encryption. For a future use.

FIX: In the ADDFLDENC and CHGFLDENC commands, change the field name in
the DBFLD parameter from the short name to the alternate long
name if one exists for the field.

FIX: On the CRTSYMKEY (Create Symmetric Key) command, make sure the
Iteration count is specified when the user is attempting to
generate a key with the *PASS (password) option.

FIX: Fixed the DECLIB, DECSAVF and DECRSTLIB commands to not skip
libaries that may have been listed on the command in
non-alphabetical order.

FIX: Fixed the GetEncFld, GetEncFldMask and GetEncFldAuth APIs
and functions to not lock the record if the Last Retrieved
User and Time are not in the record.

FIX: Fixed the ACTENCFLD command when encrypting a variable length
field using the internal method.

FIX: Fixed the ENCSAVLIB command parameter LABEL to use the value
entered if not *LIB.

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