Version 3.00 (5/25/2011)

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Version 3.00 (5/25/2011)

Postby Support » 07/14/11 10:25:04 AM

+ New product license key(s) are required when upgrading to version 3.0
+ from a prior version of Crypto Complete. Please contact Linoma Software
+ at to request new product license key(s).
+ Failure to do so will cause the product to stop functioning.

ENHANCE: Broke out Crypto Complete into three separate licensed features:

5001 - Base Product license (Includes Key Management, Policy
Settings, Security Controls, Alerts and Audit trails)

5002 - Field Encryption license (Includes all Field encryption
features including the field registry, tokenization
and APIs)

5003 - Backup Encryption license (Includes the Backup and IFS
encryption/decryption commands)

Each feature must be activated with a separate license key from
Linoma Software. The license status of these features can be
displayed using the command of CRYPTO/DSPPRDINF or WRKLICINF.

ENHANCE: Allow up to 25 fields to be activated (mass encrypted) at one
time using the ACTFLDENC command, as long as all of the fields
are in the same file and all use the DB2 Field Procedure
technique for encryption.

ENHANCE: Allow up to 25 fields to be deactivated (mass decrypted) at
one time using the DCTFLDENC command, as long as all of the
fields are in the same file and all the DB2 Field Procedure

ENHANCE: Added ability to restore/decrypt up to 600 libraries (was 300)
when using wildcards on the DECLIB and DECRSTLIB commands.

ENHANCE: Added new program API named CRRP641 that will close the last
external file that was opened for storing or retrieving encrypted
data. This is useful if you want to close the file for commitment
control or if you need to perform maintenance on the file.

FIX: Fix the HTTP Token lookup program to only select one row when
searching for an encrypted value in the token file.

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