Version 2.52 (2/9/2011)

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Version 2.52 (2/9/2011)

Postby Support » 02/09/11 04:42:44 PM

If you already have CRYPTO COMPLETE installed on your System i (iSeries) and
want to see your current installed version, run the command:



Please read the Crypto Complete manuals for complete details on any of the enhancements listed below.

Version 2.52 (02/08/2011)

FIX: Fixed the ENCSAVLIB and ENCSAVOBJ commands to properly use the
SAVACTWAIT and SAVACTMSGQ parameters for Save While Active.

FIX: Fixed the ENDOPT parameter for the ENCSAVLIB command when
multiple libraries are specified. For each library, it will
now use ENDOPT(*LEAVE) until the last library, in which it will
use the ENDOPT option that was specified by the user.

FIX: Fixed the ENCSAVLIB command to ignore the error message CPF3701
when using a wild card to encrypt multiple libraries.

FIX: Fixed the DB2 Field Procedure encryption process to compare
the saved data against the data that is passed to the procedure
(before encryption), to determine if the data was changed and
should be encrypted.

FIX: Fixed the edit check when using DB2 Field Procedures and
performing a Field Activation or Deactivation. For activation,
it now checks the user's authority to the encryption key store
for each field that uses a Field Procedure. For deactivation,
it now checks the user's authority to the decryption key store
for each field that uses a Field Procedure.

FIX: Fixed the HTTP Token Lookup (GetFldTkn) program CRRP809 to
use the QILE Activation Group.

Version 2.51 (11/19/2010)

FIX: When adding a new entry to the field encryption registry, do not
check how large the field is (in order to store external index
numbers) if the encrypted values will not be stored externally.

FIX: Fixed the ENCSTMF and DECSTMF commands to call out the CRRP081
and CRRP082 programs in the CRYPTO library.

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